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Is Your Sagging Mattress Affecting Your Health?


A sagging mattress doesn’t help our back that much as it may cause our spine to go out of alignment. And it’s not just that, when we can’t find a comfortable sleeping position, we end up tossing and turning at night which can affect the quality of our sleep. When this happens, you’ll be at risk of various health issues from insomnia, to back pain, and mood swings, just to name a few.


First, What Speeds The Process Of Sagging Bed?

You’re probably scratching your head wondering why your mattress has started to sag after just a short time of use. Well, there are three possible causes as to why it happens, and these are:


Sleeping On Your Side Of The Bed

People who sleep on their side of the bed often have a bed that sags on one side, and the middle, which is hardly used, remains firm.


Sleeping In The Middle

Couples who tend to sleep side by side in the middle of the bed often end up with a sagging middle.


Large Pets On The Bed

Another possible reason why your mattress is sagging is because of the large pets that you let sleep on your bed. Their weight, combined with yours, can cause certain parts of your bed to sag.

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Health Effects Of Sleeping On A Sagging Mattress

Sleeping on a sagging mattress can be detrimental to your health because you are missing on a good night’s sleep. Wear and tear may contribute to the saggy nature of your bed, but without taking steps to correct it, you can end up missing on your much-needed rest. When this happens, you are prone to different health problems, such as:


1. Reduced Problem-Solving Skills

Getting to think outside the box is going to be tough, especially when you are missing out on sleep because of your saggy mattress. This can make it difficult for you to provide a creative answer or solution to a problem immediately, which can affect your performance.


2. Weight Gain

Don’t be surprised that missing out on sleep can contribute to weight gain. The problem lies with your body’s metabolism, which slows down when you are not getting enough rest. Add to this the fact that your body will be craving for fuel, which prompts you to eat whatever it is that you can think of just to sustain your energy levels.


3. Difficulty In Recall And Storing Memories

Another way that sleeping on a sagging mattress can affect your health is by making it difficult for you to store memories and have good recall. There have been tests showing that those who were able to get more sleep after doing certain tasks were able to complete the same tasks the following day compared to those who got little to no sleep.


4. Soreness

If you wake up and experience some soreness in your body, then your mattress is probably hurting you already. A good mattress can help provide your body with adequate mattress support as you sleep, which means that, when you wake up with aches and pains, the firmness of your bed may already be compromised.


5. Depression

One of the worst effects of not being able to sleep well at night because of your mattress is the effect on your mental state. Insomnia can be caused by a low quality mattress, which can lead to other health issues like depression, anxiety, and the like.


How To Solve Your Sagging Mattress

If buying a new mattress is out of the question as of now, but you would like to alleviate the sleepless nights that you have been experiencing because of your sagging bed, then finding some easy fixes to correct the sinking of your mattress can be of help.

Keep in mind that there are different mattress types available such as a memory foam mattress, innerspring mattress, hybrid mattress, latex mattress, and even a gel memory foam mattress which vary in terms of lifespan. The innerspring type usually loses its firmness because the coils can weaken with regular use. Fortunately, there are some quick fixes that can help you get some shuteye even when your mattress is not in good condition anymore.


Tip 1: Use Bed Boards

Bed boards are designed to provide support to the mattress and are ideal for those who have joint as well as back problems. You can place a piece of plywood between the box springs and the mattress to fix the sagging in the middle of the mattress. However, if the sagging is already severe, this fix may not work that much.


Tip 2: Flip The Mattress

For those whose mattresses have some indentations on their bed, flipping the mattress (depending on whether your bed is flippable) is a good way to help even out the wear and tear. You can flip your mattress once every two weeks, or every month, whichever you prefer. Even if you do this twice a year, it may still help prolong the lifespan of your mattress, regardless of the type of mattress that you have.


Tip 3: Reinforce The Slats

Another possible fix that you can do for your sagging mattress is to reinforce the slats that are found under the box springs of your bed. Basically, these slats are made from pieces of wood that can get damaged when there is a sudden impact. Remove the mattress as well as the box spring to reveal the damaged wooden slats underneath. Measure the ones that need to be replaced and cut the wood according to size. Once you have repaired the damaged slats, you can put back the box spring and the mattress.


Tip 4: Use A Mattress Topper

If mattress shopping is not your priority at the moment, but you would like to lessen the pain that you are feeling when you wake up in the morning because of your sagging bed, then why not invest on a mattress topper? Compared to the thickness of regular mattresses, this one is a bit thin because it is meant to be placed on the surface of the bed. A memory foam topper is worth the money that you spend because it gives your bed that luxurious feeling which can help improve the quality of your sleep.


Tip 5: Buy New Box Springs

Sometimes, it is not the mattress that is the problem, but rather the box spring underneath. If the innersprings have already deteriorated, they may cause sagging in certain parts of your bed. That said, removing the damaged coils and replacing them with newer ones can fix your problem.


Tip 6: Rotate The Bed

There are some types of mattresses that cannot be flipped, so the best step to take to even out the wear and tear is to rotate the bed. This way, the indentations caused by your body will be placed on different parts of your mattress. This is a good fix for those who are using pillow top mattresses.


Tip 7: Use Pillows

Sagging mattresses tend to become soft in certain parts, which can cause unevenness in your body as you lie down at night. If you are looking for a quick fix, get some soft pillows that are fibre-filled and place under the mattress where sagging occurs. Try to place them and see if they hit the right spot. Adjust as needed.


Tip 8: Mattress Helper

Another possible solution to sagging mattresses, whether memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, or latex is to use a mattress helper. This is made from high-density materials that can lift the mattress, somewhat, and give more support to your body while you lie in bed.

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Tips To Prevent Sagging Mattress

Maintaining your mattress can help prolong its lifespan and slow down the sagging in certain parts of your bed. Although you cannot stop the inevitable, it will help keep the deterioration at bay if you use the following tricks.


Use Bed Boards

Bed boards are designed to provide support to the mattress and are ideal for those who have joint as well as back problems. You can place a piece of plywood between the box springs and the mattress to fix the sagging in the middle of the mattress. However, if the sagging is already severe, this fix may not work that much.


Flip And Turn Your Mattress

Memory foam, hybrids, and even latex mattresses can actually be or turned every once in a while to help you sleep on unused surfaces to reduce sagging. If you are alone, you won’t have to flip or turn your mattress every week or so. However, if you have a partner, you will need to practice this habit to help reduce the appearance of sagging in your bed.


Check Mattress Regularly

Another way to prolong your bed’s lifespan is to check your mattress regularly to see if there are any signs of excessive wear and tear or sagging even. If you notice some unevenness in your mattress or slight sagging, try and flip or rotate the bed.


The Last Word

If all these are not helping you get the rest you need at night; then it is time that you invest in a new mattress. Pick a mattress that can provide you with support, without being too soft or too firm. Do your research with regards to a mattress company to get a better idea about what types of mattresses they are offering and whether customers recommend them. The quick fixes can only do so much, so if your mattress is beyond saving, it would be better to buy a new one soon.

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