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Sleeping Positions: What does it say about your personality?

Posted By Ryan on Jul 29, 2019

Sleeping Positions: Most people have a favourite sleeping position, and it may seem to be just a natural or ordinary thing. However, there is more to your preferred sleeping position than meets the eye because depending on your sleep position, it may increase, or decrease your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Whether you sleep in the fetal position or on your side, your sleep position, depending on your spinal alignment, can be the cause of pain in the spine, hips, head, and neck pain that you may experience the next morning. Proper posture can help promote a good night’s sleep as well as your pillow and mattress.

Sleep Positions

Get the lowdown on some of the impacts of your sleeping position on your breathing, snoring, neck, stomach, head, arms, and some other body parts. Surprisingly, your chosen sleeping position may provide a glimpse of who you really are and what makes you comfortable. Most people sleep with a pillow, but there are people who do not. In the same manner, there are those who are more comfortable when they are sleeping in the fetal position or on their stomach.


A Last Word

Overview: Sleeping on your back may not be a very popular sleeping position, but it cannot be denied that it is one of the healthiest and the best sleeping position for anyone.


  1. Sleepers who fall asleep in this sleep position have support for their spine, head, arms, neck, and knees since their body is neutrally positioned. With proper spinal alignment, while sleeping, you lessen the chances of getting pain in your muscles and legs.
  2. The Back sleeping position is good for you if you are suffering from acid reflux. Make sure to elevate and prop up your head with a pillow to properly place your stomach a layer lower than the oesophagus to avoid acid reflux.


  1. This position can, however, affect your breathing, so snoring is a possibility, even with a supportive pillow.
  2. It is also not recommended to sleep on your back if you have sleep apnea as it can cause the tongue to block your breathing tube.

What does it say about you? 

Sleeping on your back is associated with people who work in transport and logistics, which gives you an idea of what type of person you may be. They also tend to be younger and report waking up refreshed. You need a good mattress to maximize the benefits of this sleeping position. But if you sleep with a partner, and you have the tendency to snore, better think twice about taking this sleeping position as it can aggravate obstructive sleep apnea.

No matter the sleeping position, the right mattress is of the utmost importance to make you feel comfortable at night. Our hybrid mattress with pocket coils distributes weight evenly and is designed to help you sleep soundly at night.  


Side sleeper

Overview:  Another popular position sleeping position is on one side. It could either be a fetal position or a log roller position.


  1. This sleeping position, on your left side, is another good alternative if you suffer from acid reflux.
  2. This is a good position to take if you sleep with a partner. You will be able to lessen your chances of snoring since side sleeping helps keep your airways open. 
  3. Sleepers who take this position may avoid neck pain and back pain caused by your sleep position since your spine is elongated.
  4. If you suffer from pain in the neck and back, then this position may be a good way to catch much-needed shut-eye. To maximize spine alignment and minimize discomfort, make sure you place a pillow between your knees.


  1. This sleeping position is not, however, for the vain of heart since it can lead to more wrinkles since your face makes frequent close contact with your pillow.
  2. While this sleep position can ease shoulder pain, it can cause some numbness in your arm unless, of course, you stack your bed with more pillows for support.

What does it say about you?

Because this sleep position requires that you sleep on one side with an extended leg, it is often called the log roller position. This is the second most popular position, and if you sleep like this, then you may be known to be a social being who easily mingles and gets along with people. 

There is also a variation to slide sleeping, and that is, the fetal position, the same position often taken by a baby. The fetal position is hands-down the most popular sleeping position. In this position, people usually place an arm under their pillow, but this can affect the neck. One may ponder whether this sleep position is so comfy to humans as a result of being curled up in the womb for nine months.


stomach sleeper


Another popular sleeping style is on your stomach. This position is sometimes referred to as the skydiver position, which is understandable considering the alignment of the arms and the head.


  1. If there is one good thing about sleeping on your stomach, it would be that it can keep snoring at bay. 


  1. everything else about this sleep position is bad as it can cause pain in the back, neck and muscles and is not good for spinal alignment. . 

What does it say about you?

It is said that those who take this position are usually fun to be with, although they can sometimes appear brash to other people not used to their personality. You may be free-spirited and perhaps love wine, but if you sleep on your stomach, then make sure you get a firm mattress and a comfy pillow for your next adventure.


couple sleeping

This may not be defined under the general classification of sleeping positions, but if you sleep with a partner, then you are most probably familiar with the couples sleeping position. This is sometimes referred to as cuddling and works for couples whether they own a queen or a king bed.

Make sure you choose a mattress that will give proper support as it can help make sleeping and cuddling a more comfortable fulfilling experience. After all, cuddling for hours can numb the arms and sooner or later, you will literally need some breathing space, especially if your partner has a different sleeping style.

Side sleeping, or even stomach sleeping, from time to time, can be a good way of preserving your relationships since it can reduce snoring. So start adjusting your sleeping habits. After all, no one wants to sleep with snoring persons, and these positions may help you keep the loud sounds at bay while you sleep.


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Your sleeping posture or sleep position, especially with babies, is so significant, that even experts have issued a special warning to parents about the risk of SIDs, or sudden infant death syndrome. Sleep positions matter from the time we are born. 

As per the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best sleep position to avoid SIDs for infants is to have them sleep on their backs and never in the fetal position or on their stomach. While adherence to this advisory has somehow reduced the rate of SIDs, it is still a significant cause of death for infants. There are other factors that will influence the safety of your infant or child as well, and this includes the mattress and pillow used.

As mentioned prior, you can also do this by choosing the most appropriate types of beds and a pillow that will fit your sleeping habits. There are certain mattresses and various mattress firmness levels that may be better for people who want to sleep on their sides, on their backs, or those who prefer stomach sleeping. You can match your comfort by getting pillows that will keep you comfortable even while you sleep.

The Last Word

As mentioned earlier, It is important to determine your sleeping position before you choose which bed is right for you. Stomach sleepers are bound to feel better in beds that are not too soft. However, you might need a different mattress construction if you sleep on your back or you weigh more than average. Take these factors into consideration when choosing a bed, and you can make your preferred sleep position work for you!

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