Could Your Mattress Affect Your Work Performance?

Could Your Mattress Affect Your Work Performance?

Posted By DreamCloud on Jan 23, 2018

There are all kinds of advanced metrics for measuring performance at work. We’ve looked at social integration, smart phone access, and pretty much anything else you can think of. There is one area outside of the office that could be affecting you more than you know: your mattress.

As we all know, a quality mattress leads to quality sleep, quality sleep leads to quality work, and quality work leads to… well, results. It’s a no-brainer that if you sleep more, you’re going to be a better employee, but what you’re maybe not realizing is how important that sleep can be to your productivity. Just realize that a new mattress could be the most important business decision you make in the new year. Here’s why that’s the case.

A New Mattress Leads to Less Stress

A 2009 survey of 59 healthy men and women found a huge difference between sleeping on an old mattress and a new one. First, they slept for 28 consecutive nights on their regular mattresses, then another 28 nights on new, medium-firm mattresses. Later they were asked to to evaluate their stress levels based on a variety of factors including worry, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability, headaches, and trembling. The new beds resulted in “a significant decrease in stress,” according to the study, which sleep scientists posited was possibly because of the related increase in sleep quality and decrease in pain associated with the firmer setup.

That stress directly affects performance at work and in the boardroom. People who sleep more have been scientifically proven to have better emotional responses, work more efficiently, and are able to better remember new techniques and learned materials. That means that if you’re shortchanging yourself with a bad mattress, you’re going into work with one hand tied behind your back. Not only is that a dumb thing to do to yourself, it’s ultimately a very easy fix. And with mattresses now more affordable than ever before, it seems like a no brainer to be going into your meetings, refreshed, recharged, and willing to meet any challenges with a brain that’s as sharp as your mattress is comfy.

Keep Your Mattress Space Sacred

The temptation then is to utilize your mattress time as another time to answer emails, do freelance work, or even finish up something that you should have left in the office. Resist that temptation! It’s so important to keep that time in your bed exclusively for sleeping. Besides the fact that there’s all kinds of research that when you train your brain to do other stuff in bed that it keeps you awake, there’s also the idea that blue-light is the absolute worst enemy of the potential sleeper.

When you get a new mattress, it’s going to totally change the way you live. You might not even realize right now how much it’s affecting your work, but you definitely will the moment you lie down on a new one. If you’re even questioning if your mattress is too old and affecting your performance, then it’s a good idea to grab a new one. It’s never been easier, and the results will definitely speak for themselves. Get to it, sleep well, work better, feel fulfilled.

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