Dreamcloud vs. TEMPUR-pedic Mattress Reviews


When you lay down on a DreamCloud mattress, you’re falling into a peaceful den of bliss, that can only really be compared to what it must feel like to sleep on a cloud. 8 lush, carefully crafted layers of memory foam and foam encased coils combine to create a haven that cradles your body into better sleep. Reviewers love DreamCloud’s coziness as well as the practical benefits that come part in parcel in the purchase of this bed including: a 365 night trial period, an Everlong Warranty, free shipping and returns, as well as unmatched customer support available 7 days a week. It’s almost unfair to compare DreamCloud with other mattresses on the market, but it’s important to know what else is available for purchase to give you a better idea of the immense value you receive with the DreamCloud. Below is a compilation of the differences between DreamCloud and TEMPUR-pedic mattresses.

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Sleep on DreamCloud Mattress


Premium quality materials and conscientious construction set DreamCloud apart from other mattresses in the industry. With 8 unique layers of super soft, super durable memory foam and foam-encased coils, DreamCloud aims to bring you the most relaxing sleep you can possibly imagine, on the best possible materials. DreamCloud is proudly made with 100% USA-made premium quality materials and our foam is also CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning that is meets the rigorous CertiPUR-US® standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. Tempurpedic products, on the other hand, are not CertiPUR-US® certified. Something to keep in mind when considering your purchase.

Popular review site, tuck.com, says that “from the tufted cashmere cover that gives good airflow, to the gel memory foam in the uppermost comfort layer, the DreamCloud is designed to promote a cooler night’s sleep. Resting below are a mix of memory foam and latex layers, meaning this bed includes better quality comfort materials than most other hybrids.” On the other hand, the TEMPUR-pedic beds really range in variety of thickness, firmness, memory foam/hybrid construction, but the quality is pretty consistent across the board. Reviewer tuck.com explains that even though “the quality of components used in the line of mattresses are high, they are priced above the industry average for the memory foam category.” For high quality at a low price, DreamCloud can’t be beat.

Price / Affordability

The above average prices of the TEMPUR-pedic mattresses aren’t just slightly above average, they tend to go well above (sometimes $1,000+) above other similar mattresses in the industry. Though the type of TEMPUR-pedic mattress may vary in size, thickness, coolness, and type (hybrid or straight memory foam), the lowest priced Queen-sized mattress starts at $1,999 and goes all the way up to a staggering $7,499.

At DreamCloud, we believe that it’s unnecessary to pay astronomical prices for a better night of sleep. Save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars with DreamCloud. Our Queen-sized luxury hybrid mattress costs only $1,399, less than even the least expensive TEMPUR-pedic mattress. Choosing DreamCloud instead just makes sense.


Investing in a new mattress is a monetary investment, but more importantly, it’s an investment in your long term health. When you are sleeping well, everything else in your life comes more easily because you naturally have more energy. At DreamCloud, we want you to be completely sure that you love our mattress and that it is allowing you to achieve your ultimate levels of sleep satisfaction, which is why we offer a 365 night trial. When you purchase a DreamCloud mattress you have an entire year to make the decision whether or not you’d like to fully commit to keeping it. If at some point during the year you decide that it’s not what you want, contact our customer support team to coordinate a time where we will come and pick it up from you, no questions asked. It’s really that simple.

The TEMPUR-pedic brand offers a 90 day home trial, which is very standard for other mattress-in-a-box companies. 90 days is enough to test out your mattress during the length of an entire season, but unlike DreamCloud, it doesn’t really give you the opportunity to test it out in every season. If you buy the TEMPUR-pedic mattress in the winter, for example, you won’t truly know if it will remain cool during the warmer months. When you’re spending a pretty penny, it’s always a good idea to have a longer trial period.


With every DreamCloud mattress, you receive an Everlong Warranty, which means that as long as you own and use the mattress, we guarantee that it will be free of defects in workmanship and materials. The TEMPUR-pedic mattress in comparison, offers only a 10 year limited warranty. Not only will you be paying more for any TEMPUR-pedic mattress you purchase, but you’re warranty is only covered for a 10 year period. Mattress reviewer, sleeplikethedead.com, explains that, “For mattresses overall, sagging is the top consumer complaint. TEMPUR-pedic has among the best sagging coverage of any mattress brand. While other brands on average often require greater than one inches of mattress sagging before warranty coverage kicks in, Tempur-Pedic requires only greater than .75 inch.” Warranty coverage for sagging is well and good but our question is, what happens when the 10 year coverage runs out? Choosing DreamCloud means choosing to have coverage for as long as you own the DreamCloud mattress, which is what makes our mattress really stand out amongst the crowd.


On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being way too soft and 10 being way too firm, DreamCloud lands on a 6.5 for a “luxury firm” feel. Not too soft and not too firm, DreamCloud cradles your body while keeping it supported, allowing for maximum dreamy comfort. Well-known mattress review site, sleepadvisor.org, says that, “Although the soft cashmere cover and layers of memory foam provide a cradling feel, the hybrid’s softness is complemented by the firmer support of its innerspring design” and that “stomach sleepers can enjoy the cradling experience of the memory foam, while the latex and innersprings work to keep their spine in a neutral alignment. Back sleepers should appreciate the firm support of the latex and innerspring technology while experiencing pressure relief in their lumbar spine from the layers of foam. Side sleepers can likewise benefit from the foam’s pressure relief in their hips, knees, and shoulders.”

The TEMPUR-pedic mattresses on the other hand, offer a variety of different firmness and softness types labeled from “very soft” to “firmer feel”. More choices may seem like a good thing initially, but it can quickly become overwhelming and you may find yourself paralyzed by trying to make a decision. Additionally, sleepadvisor.org explains that TEMPUR-pedic “models can soften with time.” Though the warranty may cover this issue initially, sagging or softening is only covered for a 10 year period of time. When you’re spending way more for a mattress that is only covered for 10 years, offers only a 90 day trial, and will likely sag, why risk it?

DreamCloud Mattress


If you live in a warmer climate, it’s summertime, or you just hate feeling overheated when you sleep, it’s important to consider purchasing a mattress that is cooling or uses technology that keeps your body’s temperature neutral. Reviewers at sleepadvisor.org explain that the TEMPUR-pedic beds “may provide [a] warm sleep temperature as compared to traditional mattresses”, which is not good news if you prefer to remain temperature neutral.

The DreamCloud mattress in comparison, uses memory foam that is infused with gel that works to disperse heat and keep your body’s temperature cool throughout the night. Common complaints for standard memory foam mattresses are that they trap in heat, but DreamCloud’s gel-infused technology specifically combats this issue in order to keep you comfortable throughout the night. DreamCloud’s unique, cashmere-blend top is utilized to keep your body feeling cool as well. Cashmere is one of the world’s most expensive fabrics because of it’s excellent quality and moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool when it’s warm out and warm when it’s cool out.


In terms of motion transfer, sleepadvisor.org explains that DreamCloud “recovers its shape quickly with movement and provides an average bounce, which makes it a good choice for combination sleepers who tend to change positions in the night. Couples with different sleep position preferences can appreciate the versatility of its features.” Having a mattress with bounce back is excellent for those who prefer a variety of sleep positions and may also be important for couples who have differing sleep positions.


Low motion transferability is also an extremely important feature for couples looking for a new mattress. If you feel every single toss and turn of your partner throughout the night, it may be extremely difficult to nod off each night. Sleepadvisor.org also explains that “DreamCloud’s design reduces a lot of motion transfer associated with traditional innerspring mattresses without sacrificing the quick responsiveness that allows ease of movement for combination sleepers. The coils are individually wrapped and compress independent of one another, a feature that helps to isolate motion. Memory foam layers above the coils also help to buffer any transfer of movement so those sleeping with partners should rest largely undisturbed by their partner’s changes in position.”


When it comes to Tempurpedic beds, Sleep Advisor’s review explains that the shape of Tempurpedic beds “responds slower to changes from sleeping positions” (sleepadvisor.org), meaning that the bounce back is not as great. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you are a combination sleeper who changes sleeping positions throughout the night, or if you sleep next to a partner.

DreamCloud Mattress


Reviewer, sleepopolis.com, says that with DreamCloud, “you’re going to experience some immediate sinkage from the soft foam on top, [but] by the time you sink through those layers, you’ll hit the wrapped coils and feel fantastic support. This combo will appeal to a wide range of sleepers, but will satisfy back and stomach sleepers in particular.” Realmattressreveiws.com says that, “some brands compromise quality and focus more on price. But it’s not the case with DreamCloud. It makes quality mattresses with fair and relevant pricing. You get more of what you paid for. It’s a real luxury mattress with a reasonable price.” Popular review site, mattress-guides.net says that “the production process of DreamCloud is truly artisanal: the EuroTop is hand anchored to DreamCloud’s dense foam base by artisan stitchers using true double tufts, a stitch that adds everlasting durability and unmatched finish work. Double Tufting is a unique process of connecting the mattress layers top-to-bottom, creating the unique sensation of a mattress that is soft yet firm.”

DreamCloud Mattress

The Verdict

The verdict is pretty clear. DreamCloud offers a mattress of exceptional quality at an unmatched price in the industry, and review sites are quick to agree. With bonus features such as a 365 night trial period, Everlong warranty, and a customer support team available 7 days a week, the TEMPUR-pedic mattresses just can’t compete.

Choose a DreamCloud mattress today and enjoy $200 off any size mattress. Give yourself the gift of better sleep, and experience the luxurious lifestyle that comes with a DreamCloud mattress.

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